5 Cool Facts about Online Transcription

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Online Transcription

The meaning of Online Transcription is very easy and simple. It is nothing but the recording of speech spoken by a human being or which comes out of a digital speaker, being recorded and then converted into the form of written text. Mostly, these speeches are converted online by listening to the audio files and voice typing as a report or a file.

Who can do it?

The professional who transcribes the audio or video files into written text files or reports is called a transcriber. A professional transcriber is the one who listens to the audio and video file and types the spoken words in the written form. This is done for the purpose of a clearer understanding of whatever the event was related to.

Online Transcription

It’s catching on

The reason why transcription in online is here to stay is that of its innumerable benefits. One of which is being not misjudged by the words spoken because those words that are spoken are the only evidence that the incident or meeting has happened. But with transcription, when speech or spoken words are converted to text, we have a solid proof that those words are being properly spelled and written for a serene calculation of further assessments.

Fact No:1 Minutes and numbers

It’s all about the minutes. The professional transcriber should be able to type between 80 to 100 words per minute and that is definitely not an easy task to perform. It takes years and years of experience and patience to learn the skill just it would take to learn any other like carpentry, sculpting etc.

A beginner would start with 20 to 30 words per minute which are considered less than average. The next stage would be the primary stage of average typing ranging from 40 to 50 words per minute. This speed means that you are getting the hang of it. With this speed slowly by listen to good quality audio and video per se, the transcriber can be able to gradually push himself/herself to type out 80 to 100 words per minute.

Fact No:2 Everything online

Transcription is not something new. It has been practiced since the 1520’s for religious purposes. Most of the Sanskrit scriptures are humanly transcribed by the ancient people because it was essential for the coming generations but now we are standing tall in the era where everything is online, especially if you run a business where most of your marketing strategy includes projection of audio and video formatted programs to your clients, you need a proper transcription service provider to help you recheck the output and as well as capture whatever additions that could be made before or after the screening of the audio or video per se.

Fact No:3 Leave no room for the unknown

Interview transcription is the next level of encountering an interview. Let’s be honest and admit to ourselves that jobs are quite distressing and working at the same place for over a year or so with poor management cause oblivious discomfort. Thus, attending interviews side by side whilst at your job can be done stress and error-free if you choose to transcribe your interviews. It might sound familiar and most of us would even prefer that it is a waste of time, but no.

The effect of transcribing every interview that you attend gives you a supreme power over the interviewer as you know very well how they move their coins. The transcription report from earlier interviews will let you be aware of what sort of mistakes that you should avoid in advance.

Fact No:4  Never a miss, Not a chance!

Did you know that about 140 words are being spoken in one minute? A collection and combination of 140 words relating to the subject that may be whatever is certainly a lot more what the human brain can handle in a minute. Maybe some excessively intelligent people are capable of holding such powerful memory otherwise most of the people have a tough time catching all of the words that are being said to them in under a minute.

Day to day life is seemingly easy as we have no bigger responsibilities at home but the workplace is somewhere that you need to be extremely responsible for your actions. However, if you transcribe every meeting, seminar, webinar, podcasts, audio lectures, human speakers and whatever form of audio that you think is necessary and important for the future of the business development, go ahead and transcribe it. You will be amazed by the development that you could see with your progressing business growth.

Transcribe Meeting

The final fact

Do it for yourself, do it for your company. Know your goals, do not miss out on tiny details that make huge differences. For example, if you are at an interview and the interviewer has quite a nerve to talk about his company and slipped out something like they buy their own shares which is a major shock meaning that the shares of the company are not performing all that well.

This is a simple sentence that can easily be missed. These are the cases where you should transcribe your interview or speech by recording the content using the simple toll-like your mobile phone and upload to online to get it transcribed into a perfect report that will, without a doubt save you in your next interview.

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  1. I love the fact you shared about transcription being practiced as early as the 1520s. I would say that transcriptions services are vitally important to various business settings that require extensive record-keeping. If I were to need such services, I would make an effort to locate the best transcription company in my area to give me the help I need.

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