Price & TAT

Pricing like never before is ZacXo’s motto. Starting from $1, ZacXo stands out from the rest of the transcription services in terms of monetary claims as you can see the starting price that we offer. This costing system was designed in a manner which serves as an advantage to our customer’s. We only expect half of the price from our customers, to begin with, the rest of the amount is to be paid only after the client receives the finished reports.

The perspective of the client is solely based on the trust and reliability an organization provides. It only increases as we tend to be more user-friendly with the prices and services. Collection of only 50% of the payment when you approach us gives the customer a value for their hard-earned money. Afterall, transcription rate is only an investment where you can better yourself in the society and in the business norms.

Apart from pricing, the turn-around time that it takes to deliver the projects are at the convenience of our clients. We have three types of delivery systems designed for our clients, namely:

  • Standard Delivery – 48 Hours (2 Business Days)
  • Rush Delivery – 24-48 Hours (1 Business Day)
  • Super Rush Delivery – 8-12 Hours

Standard delivery, rush delivery, and super rush delivery. We know what you are thinking, how will the quality and accuracy of the reports match with these variations of time management? There is where we used standardized and stronghold of a technology to keep up with the accuracy and the quality. The high-end technology that we use for transcribing any type of audio or video file is remarkably reliable with producing 100% of apt and perfect reports. Choose ZacXo for your transcribing needs and you will not be disappointed as we work in favor of our clients always putting their needs and requirements in the front which has deliberately led us towards success in a very short span of time.