Creation and innovation are the keywords that are defined at ZacXo. We strive to make ourselves efficient and growth intuitive when it comes to our services. We are specified in a vast criterion as we offer diversified services for different types of portfolios. Our orientation is based on our customer’s sole transcription purposes. As we started our services in 2016, we analyzed the needs and preferences of our customers according to the experience gained which led to the revolutionary design structure of our memorandum.

The proud decorum of our various services includes general transcription such as audio, video, dissertation, mp3, focus group, market research, interview, podcast, verbatim, business, academic, digital, dictation, legal, media, sermon, telephone, voice, and insurance transcription services. If you look at the categories closely, you can notice that almost every profit-making sector has been covered by us. We stand tall with the pride of holding the most diversified, varied and extensive transcription services in the industry. As you know the importance of transcribing voice to text or speech to text, it makes a clear statement that transcription services are required necessarily in all the business and personal sectors. We at ZacXo, understand your needs to an acute perception that leaves you will accurate and faultless reports.

Out proud institution has gained its trust and name in the industry only with the exceptional services that we provide to our customers and the half-priced policy where you only have to pay 50% of the cost when you approach and the rest will be collected after the submission of the report that we have transcribed for you  which has been the core reason for our success. This simple policy helped us achieve the customers’ trust and reliability. Transcribe your way through the success routes. We Ensure that our customers’ gain the ultimate results from our products that are known for its technology updates and accurate reports.