Audio Transcription

The absolute basic and beginning of converting audio file to text is transcription activities. It is very simple and be understood just by anyone. Audio files are played, listened, understood and decoded with an accuracy of 99.9%. Although the accuracy and exact key points are caught by the ears of the humans with the help of the latest technology and the spoken words are decoded in such a manner that the speaker, i.e the client should understand the report that he receives and should be able to correlate to the audio file to ensure his work has been completed.

From the transcriber’s point of view, we receive the audio file and listen to it first to check if the language spoken in the file is clear and viable enough to go ahead and transcribe it. Once the basic checking is done, it is further classified into types A, B or C depending on the quality of the audio. Audio transcription is done by converting audio files to text which is based on the classification providing more attention to details that leads to the act of typing out the spoken words in an error-free manner.