Captioning Transcription

Captioning is a word to word content which is defined as transcripts. Transcripts and captions can be transcribed with the help of our team here at ZacXo. In simple words, captioning also means transcription of words where speech or voice files are turned into text formats. Most captions are those texts or pieces of information that appear in the videos. Supposing a video is being uploaded online, captioning for that video has to be sent to us in the form of audio or video file. We at ZacXo will attend to the file sent by you and transcribe the captions that will appear in the video screen either on top or the bottom without disturbing the video content yet providing the additional information that was intended to be shown in the video.

This captioning transcription might not have to be relative to the video content, it might also belong to an entirely different category yet will be displayed on the video as a reference for people to get where they need to go, meaning showing the world of more related and unrelated topics to explore and gain knowledge and of course that is how we surf the web. Any DIY (do it yourself) video on Youtube or any other trending platform will and can have references in terms of closed captioning that will be relative to another genre of DIY video. To be more exactly prompt, a DIY video on mending clothes will have captioning relative to clothing or kitchen hacks, which will obviously attract the watcher and lure them into clicking on to the caption which rather leads to the links that contain the video. This is how captioning works, at ZacXo we try to contemplate the audio or video file sent by you into classified categories and begin the work which will produce 99% of accurate speech to text reports.