Dictation Transcription

We all know what dictation means. The art of speaking from the mind or reading from a page to another individual to take note of or write down. When words are spoken out of the speaker’s mouth, the words reach the listener’s eras and the listener then puts it on the paper as written text. This process summoned a lot of energy and was time-consuming as it was followed from the 40’s until the introduction of the genius transcribing methods. Whatever that you are dictating bust be written down and doing by shorthand or longhand is a surreal waste of time and energy. In the corporate world or a business place, it is totally unnecessary for dictations to be done which is why at ZacXo we offer the best and professional transcription services with only 50% of down payment collected in prior.

It has come to an attention that outsourcing your dictation transcription needs are welcomed because mainly it is much cheaper, penny wise and a lot less time consuming as professional transcriptionists have their way with the tools and techniques. At Zacxo we time our services into three categories namely standard delivery, rush delivery and super rush delivery wherein your chance of getting an audio file with only 50% down payment collected is at 8-12 hours. Healthy speakers whose genius is their brains speak for about a good hour or so, which cannot be written out immediately even if someone tried because the speaker speaks his mind. Herein, the dictations can be recorded and transcribed for the beneficiary of thousands of people.