Digital Transcription

Digital Transcription is also another form of recording any type of audio using a digital recorder like your mobile phone or tablet. MP3 Recorders are the prior form of digital recordings. Digital recordings can be saved in mp3, wav, ogg. Formats are it is of a much higher quality than the MP3 or normal audio files which makes it easy to transcribe via hand. Just because the quality of the audio file is exemplary, it will most probably make a layman think that transcribing such easy audios does not require any professionals and that it can be done easily by anyone who listens to the clear audio on silence. If that were the scenario, anyone can casually transcribe a digital audio. However, that is not possible and it cannot be done by a layman.

Professional Digital Transcription is done by trained experts who go through audio typing service training to learn the technicality of handling both fundamental and systematic nodes and flinches of vocal cords which no layman can understand without proper training. Although the accents differ, the tone of voice differs, punctuation’s and smart phrases, euphemism, sarcasm, emotions are very well detected and emphasized when it comes to an expert transcriptionist which a third person will obscurely fail to do. Digital transcription can be of any sort. It can either be a story, a song, a lecture, a sermon, a blog, a video… At the most randomly anything. This wide classification of genres is what makes digital transcription highly efficient and always at the usage of surplus.