Legal Transcription

Unlike other transcription categories, Legal transcription Services has a serious note to it. Entertainment and dictation or academic have their purposes where others are benefited whereas this is personal and associated with the law. The few types of legal transcription are Administrative hearings, Arbitration Proceedings, Client letters, Client tapes, Conference Calls, Conference proceedings, Seminar Proceedings, Correspondence Court proceedings, Court tapes, Court transcripts, Federal agency investigations, Evidence/Legal argument, Examinations under oath, General correspondence, Fire reports etc. These type of documentation were limited to the court as the court-appointed typist known as the stenographers that use his/her machine called stenotype to record all the spoken words in the courtrooms during the proceedings.

This system of outsourcing is not lesser known as well because in housing all the audio and video recording and transcribing them the same way is impossible as the load keeps adding up day today. Thus these limitations were lifted to start outsourcing more legal documents. ZacXo produces 99.9% accurate results in legal transcription. Be it a courtroom proceeding where the conversation happens between two or more people, when the audio is recorded digitally, every word spoken by different people are identified and transcribed or an evidence or document that needs to type out, we do it extensively for your satisfaction without missing any notes or quotations that renders the importance of the subject matter jurisdiction. Our competency is based on our latest and upgraded tech savvy intuitions and people that make an awesome combination that always wins!