MP3 Transcription

The oldest of formats available in the industry. It all began with Mp3 in the early 2000’s where every kid wanted to plug in the mp3 player into their system and transfer songs, stories and data to the device. The transferred music or stories or data in stores in this portable MP3 device which is so small and compact to carry anywhere which also got a ton of response in the market for the wonderful invention. Transcribing the MP3 to text files are quite easy because of its just simple audio. Although, the quality is not going to be that of a comprehensive one because the quality is said to be undefined and the mixed accents or the different type of accents can be hard to catch when it comes to MP3 transcription. But another amplifies the quality of the MP3 is the extensive storage that can be very useful in storing multiple files and also the highest quality of the sound of that era.

Since many other devices like smartphones and iPads have upped the technology, the MP3 transcription service is slightly debunked, though the quality of the reports and the transcription services. We at Zacxo strive hard to make the best and high prolific reports for the audio files that we receive.