Telephone Recording Transcription

It is exactly as the name suggests it would be. We transcribe your recorded phone calls no matter what subject matter that it containing or any type of uses that you prefer. All you have to do is send us your recorded audio or video call by uploading it in our link. When you do so, we adhere to your needs immediately as we receive your program on our system. Phone calls are recorded for multiple reasons most of it being business oriented and for the development of strategies in the business.

Any type of business orientation in the industry requires growth and stability for a smooth and long-term functioning. When you transcribe important and vital phone calls regarding demands and supplies or invoices and orders it is effectively essential to get the talking and spoken words into written text formats for the betterment of the business and the evidential support in further inquiries.

ZacXo is known in the industry for the vast and widened services of styles and genres. Telephone recording transcription service is one of the 20 services that we offer but it stands to be an important one to keep a note on as it is regarding the financial growth and stability of the subject matter being business and development. One of the telecalling examples of conversation transcript is where you listen to the recorded voice note on the phone when you call to inquire about any orders or tracking packages in the e-commerce websites saying that this call may be recorded for training and service purposes.

Those recorded calls are transcribed by us starting at $1 only 50% of the payment collected in the first half and the rest is collected only after the client receives the report. All the transcribed phone calls to text are in the format of a conversation where the listener and the speaker’s voice pitch is perfectly caught on paper.