Verbatim Transcription

The term verbatim is defined as the exact same or acutely accurate. Even the words should be carefully listened to and typed out instead of rephrasing them and the tiniest of gestures like applause, laughter should not be missed. In the transcription business verbatim is a holy word. Every client requires a verbatim resulted in output because they deserve it.

We at ZacXo keep that concept very clear in mind. This accuracy is highly steeped in the perfection of the listening skills. The parallel of voice training where the professional is made to listen to thousands of audio and video files to tame to the perfection of verbatim. It is really that hard to achieve. The accuracy of speech to text is no simple and easy job. The speed counts, words count, punctuation’s, count and of course, the result must be 100% precise to the clients audio.

The toughest skill of typing 80-100 words per minute is achieved by voice training where listening is the key and simultaneously adding it to the fingers is an art as such. Verbatim cannot be done better anywhere except ZacXo. We use technology and humanly manual labor into our client’s requirements offering them only the best and relevant content that should be delivered. Every inch of the audio file is enormously important when it comes to verbatim as the results are expected to be crystal clear.

This verbatim transcription services can be used in all the sectors like finance, entertainment, fashion, medical, legal etc. As this only concentrated on precise and accurate reports it is vastly useful.