Understand the Theoretical Concept of Podcasts and Why Should they be Transcribed

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The Maze of Entertainment Depicted in Short Versions

There would hardly be anyone among us who would not have listened to or not have watched television at this age. The serial nature of projecting stories action drama or events in the form of periodic episodes on television gains its popularity because of a very large reader and viewership, we can trace the history of serials in television back to old-time radio where radio dramas were broadcast.

Long interesting stories dictated in different voices with one background voice narrating the scene and subject and other male and female voices speaking in the voice of different characters made excellent dramas and during the nineteen twenties, thirties and forties they had many radio dramas which had passionate viewers and listeners which ran up hundreds and thousands of people.

However, whether you are watching an interesting television serial or if you’re listening to an interesting serial broadcast on the radio just imagine if there’s a power cut, lightening, antenna detaches or if the transmission stops. If you are in the middle of an interesting episode even missing half an hour or missing the entire episode is frustrating. Again, radio broadcast or television broadcast happen at a specific time, which means unless you are free at that particular time you may not be able to appreciate or enjoy it.

What is a Podcast?

Podcast per se is like a serially broadcast audio or video recording(most frequently referred to as audio recording) where it is directly streamed to your device be it in the form of an email or an audio file to your WhatsApp or other connecting apps like Imo and kick, or a file linked to your app where you can listen to the subject at your own timings and as per your convenience.

Just imagine, rather than getting home in the evening at seven in the evening to hear a specific radio program that specifically enthused you could be listening to it while you drive your way back home from the office.

Why do you Need to Listen to the Podcasts? What are its Advantages?

In a way, podcast helps us to get entertainment, knowledge, and pleasures of audio or video transcripts at our own leisure times for as long or as short duration as we require. An audio podcast is basically the backbone of podcasting and find innumerable users where people use them during times when they are otherwise occupied but their ears and minds are free.

Common examples are while exercising while jogging while driving from point A to point B or while just sitting and lazing around sun tanning on the beach or a tan couch, you can do it while you have your hair cut, while you are being shampooed. While you are at the beauty salon or even when you are at the dentist or any other place where your ears are free to accumulate the knowledge and send it to the brain.

Listen to Podcasts Online

What are Podcasts Really About and Why do People Listen to them?

The contents of the podcast are varied drastically. It can be news related, finance related, a story, novels, fiction, drama, adventure, hobby and anything and everything that can be broadcast by either a television or radio will be a part of what is called a podcast today. The world’s first podcast was launched by a gentleman called Matt Schechter who launched his weekly chat shows in the form of recordings that could be heard by the subscribers on the phone when they dial a particular number.

If you ever miss his exotic chat shows for some reason, all you had to do is at your convenient time dial his specified number and on the phone, you would hear the whole radio broadcast that happened a day or two or three before. From here things moved forward, it moved to the current format of content on demand. Today we can subscribe to many podcast channels and we can get them on our personal device to enable us to listen to them at any time that is convenient for us.

Who can Start a Podcast and How is it Shared?

The good and the great thing about podcasting is that it is a completely horizontal platform with no distinction between the producer and the consumer. Today’s producer or speaker can be tomorrow’s consumer or listener. You can be both the producer and the consumer or you can be a listener without being a speaker.

Anybody and everybody who has anything to speak about under the sun or including the sun itself can generate a podcast and ensure that it is available for downloading and listening to by numerous viewers. As at the time of writing, the podcast is an entirely free medium for with no subscription charges are collected or needed and the podcast generators use advertising sponsors and linked advertising in between the podcast to generate some revenue.

Podcast Transcription and its Necessities

Podcasts are also useful transcribing movies and these can subsequently be converted to text files which bring us to the ultimatum, podcast transcription. There are many people who are hearing disabled, people who are unable to understand the depths of various accents spoken. Foreigners for whom English is not a native language who like to be prompted and elderly who are hard of hearing in whom it is common to miss certain words or misunderstand the others.

In these situations that are circumstantial a transcript or a typed or a written version of the podcast in which whatever is being spoken is also displayed on the screen just like the video subtitles so the listener can both view and listen to whatever is being broadcasted by the podcast, coordinate and correlate both the text and video to acknowledge the nuances of what is happening.

Reason for success of podcasting

A podcast is a medium that is used to deliver one’s knowledge and experience. The diversity of the genres are the major reason behind the long living legendary winning success of podcasting. The podcasts can be and are delivered to the subscribers with the help of a software application that can be downloaded easily from the Android store or the apple store.

This is the platform for selecting one app from a series of different and multiple apps that provide the service of delivering the podcasts. The moment you download and install the application on your device, the subscribed podcasts will be added to your device and you can listen to them whenever that you need to.

Transcribe Podcast to Text

Why podcast transcripts are used often?

The freedom of subscription comes at no cost which enables the users to download and subscribe to multiple channels of podcasts that range from a story to a personal rant of experiences. The people who speak through the medium called podcasts are vast and are from different ethnicity groups hence their accents and portrayal of language will most definitely vary from the listeners point of view which is why podcasts are often transcribed as they are very useful and small pieces of information that is personally essential to make your day better.

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